Pengumuman / Announcement !

1) Pengumuman ini khas kpd mereka yg ingin membeli secara borong/pukal dari kirana anggun. Apa yg boleh anda lakukan, cuma hubungi wani di FB, email atau call wani terus seandainya ingin berbincang tentang pembelian sebarang produk atau item dr KA secara borong. Kini, kami menerima sebarang order secara borong baik sbg door gift perkahwinan atau function2 tertentu..

2) Kepada semua customer/kawan2 yg wani hargai, proses dan prosedur utk order item di kirana anggun sangat mudah. Cuma isi form di blog ini, dan wani akan reply semua order anda melalui email atau facebook (inbox). Jadi sila cek email atau FB anda selepas membuat order ya..

Assalamualaikum wbt & Good day everyone :)

Baby stuffs are here under the label of Kirana Anggun Junior! Enjoy your shopping with our crazy, affordable and irresistible prices & offers :D

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Beauty & Fashion Tips

Beauty tips for today: If u wanna wear make up, make sure u just highlight one feature of your face, example: lips-red lips, eyes-dramatic eyes, cheeks-blushes cheeks. Remember, u should only highlight ONE feature! DON'T highlight all of them or u gonna look like a clown. So, choose one feature at one time & glow :) Its a NO-NO to go for red lips-dramatic smoky eyes-red cheeks-thin eyebrows. Good luck  

Beauty tips for today: Animal print is a MUST HAVE ITEM or HOT STUFF these days. In fact, it has never been outdated since ages. Kata org 'evergreen' gitu. BUT if you wanna have/wear this style, u gotta apply the same concept as the previous tips I shared before, which, u should only wear ONE item at a time. DON'T wear leopard print hat/hijab, leopard print jacket, leopard print top, leopard print... boots & leopard print handbag at a time, or else u will look like an animal or a leopard itself walking in an open zoo. Try ONLY ONE item to highlight your look. Example: Wear a leopard print handbag with a plain top & jeans. You will look gorgeous, stylish & sexy. p/s: teringat time shopping kat Sogo couple of weeks ago, ramai yg pakai animal print n yg paling best ada yg pakai top to toe, which it's a big NO-NO. It seems like there were a bunch of humanimals shopaholic fighting to shop in a mall. Huhu ;P 

Beauty tips for today: DON'T wear denim from top to toe. NEVER wear jeans, with denim jacket, and denim hat/hijab at a time. If you wanna wear a pair of jeans, dont ever think of wearing denim jacket or hat/hijab. If you wanna put on ur denim jacket, you can always wear a long/short skirt together with it. Even if u are a cowboy, it's not a free pass for you to wear denim from top to toe. p/s: that's the reason y wani tak nak jual tudung material jeans dr dulu..its funny to put on denim on ur head. Denim is best as pants, skirts or perhaps jacket. Wear them with leather boots, hot tops & appropriate accessories

Beauty tips for today: DON'T over-pluck, trim or shave your eyebrows until they are too thin and almost gone. You will look like a cancer patient. Now, it is a trend to have a thick eyebrows. Having them make you look healthier & normal. It will also 'soften' your look especially at the eyes area. Having NO eyebrows will make you appear & look like an alien. There's always reasons for them to be there :)

 Beauty tips for today: DON'T wear too much color on your outfit & accessories. If you are wearing something colorful for your dress, don't wear any other colorful accessories. Example: Find a simple accessories like plain handbag or clutch, plain footwear etc. But if your outfit is pretty simple, go crazy on your accessories because it is meant to highlight your look. More examples: Wear a cute & bright pump with a dull and simple dress, or stripe handbags with jeans & cute plain tops. Remember, wearing too much colors on your body will make you look 'too' attractive and it is good...NOT! unless u are one traffic-light-wanna-be ;P  

Beauty tips for today: I personally think peek-a-boo dresses is a big NO-NO in our country & culture. Probably it is best for private wild parties etc but it is strictly not for a casual rendezvous. Walking on a street with a g-string & transparent tops will make you look like a whore, trust me. No one wants to see your private stuffs. And this also applied in other english speaking countries. Though the people there are much more open-minded & fashionable, fashion experts have never suggested anyone to show their 'private things'. It is NOT sexy at all, in fact you'll look 'cheap'. Be wiser & moderate in fashion. Sexy is one subjective term. You can always be decent and sexy at the same time :)

Beauty tips for today: What do men think of your lipstick color?

Classic red
That’s a look-at-me color. An I-want-attention kind of color. If you’re at a bar with the girls looking to meet people, it can work as a beacon of sorts. If you’re on a date with your husband, it says that you’re really kicking it up a notch. On the other hand, you can’t kiss a girl with bright red lips or you end up looking like a clown.

Hot pink
It doesn’t have the classic romance of a bright red. It’s more punk, rock star, adventurous. It reminds me of “Jem and the Holograms”—in a good way. It says you’re not afraid of a little bit of rock ‘n’ roll. I would expect the girl to listen to good music and not just hang out at Ann Taylor.

Dark Purple/burgundy
This says she’s not afraid to take risks. It tells me that she’s edgy and could be challenging in a good way. Not that she has a dark side, but that’s she’s different. On the right woman, dark color is intriguing.

When you wear the lipstick that’s the same color as your skin, you look like a corpse, like you’ve been out in the cold too long. It’s disconcerting. Also, neutral lip gloss looks like a glazed donut.

Bright Orange
It makes me think… “Wanna Fanta?’” And also that she’s got a spicy personality and is probably a lot of fun. Very confident. Not afraid to try something that’s different.


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